I want to meet with you and show you some of my sample house plans and have the opportunity to work with you on the development of some custom home designs. For a complete set of new custom home plans, I usually charge $1.25 per SF of covered area. For a required engineer’s stamp on the Foundation Plan or special roof or 2 nd floor framing, My engineer associate stamps it for only $300. I also do remodeling and room addition plans.

A complete set of sample house plans I provide include: 

  • Complete floor plans with all dimensions, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, etc., and also all electrical (same or separate page)
  • Foundation plan with all beam details, notes, and specifications complete and ready for engineer’s stamp if required (but not included)\
  • All four elevations, showing grades (existing and proposed), overhangs, roof pitch(s), finish floor elevations and ridge elevation, & finishes.
  • Cabinet details/elevations of all cabinets and any interior arches and special wall treatment elevations, fireplaces, etc.
  • Second story floor framing plan
  • Roof framing plan, whether stick-built or trusses
  • Wall  section(s) and any unique roof or house sections
  • Site plan complete with any special Subdivision requirements (silt fences, yard lights, construction fences, Port-a-Potty, dumpster location,etc.)
  • All area calculations, with impervious ground coverage calculations, etc.
As we go along, You’ll be given copies sample house plans to review and also make minor changes to and point out any errors or omissions. When complete I’ll furnish a complete full-scale copy, or set of the plans, and a pdf of the final set from which owner or builder can order any quantity of any page from Kinko’s, Burk’s, Office Max, or from me, as I now have a large format printer. As a local Austin Architect, I have decades of experience planning, designing and building custom homes.